Welcome to LesterDs.com!

      "Good Morning, and in case i don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight."We are a small diner full of great food, and great movie references. we don't expect you to be a cinephile when you come in, but we won't be surprised if you leave as one.

      We pride ourselves on our nerdy-ness it's what gives us "the force"to make such mouth watering food. from our black and white classic breakfast, to our Kong sized burgers, and everything in between you will not be leaving hungry. and for your enjoyment there is always a movie on while you eat. we have successfully filled Lester-D's with knowledgable cooks and helpful servers for over 10 years. So, "Run Forest run" on over here and try for yourself. and if your in the mood to stay home and cuddle up to your own movie, we also do take-out.



Pay cash and get double Lester Bux!!



Jade Detheridge