I Love the Smell of Breakfast in the Morning

The Big Break:

3 eggs, bacon, sausage, homefries and toast with pancakes OR french toast...$14.00

The Black & White:

3 eggs, choice of bacon, ham , or sausage, homefries and toast...$8.50

Indie Filmaker:

2 eggs homefries, and toast...$5.25

House baratheon breakfast

3 eggs, 8oz NY Strip, onion rings, homefries and toast...$16.75

Raiders of the lost benedict:

2 poached eggs on english muffins with peameal and hollandaise sauce, with fresh fruit and homefries...$14.00

No eggs were harmed in the making of this breakfast:

lots of bacon or ham or sausage, with homefries and toast...$9.00

Truffle Shuffle Pancakes:

3 pancakes with bacon, ham, or sausage...$10.00

the day the banana bread stood still

3 pieces of homemade banana bread french toast with fresh fruit, bacon, ham, or sausage...$14.00

Beauty school drop-out french toast

3 pieces of french toast with bacon, ham, or sausage...$10.00

Zach and miri make a porridge

oatmeal served with an english muffin and fresh fruit...$10.00 Add chocolate chips, blue berries, sliced banana...$1.50

I'm gonna make him an omelette he can't refuse

Cheesy omelette

3 eggs with cheese...$9.00

the good, the bad, the ugly

3 eggs, ham, onion, diced pepper...$9.50

Tree hugger

3 eggs, diced pepper, mushroom, onion, tomato...$10.75

clash of the titans

3 eggs, spinach, feta cheese, tomato...$10.75


3 eggs, fresh mushroom and cheese...$10.75

American gangster

3 eggs, bacon, ham, and cheese...$11.00

country strong

3 eggs, turkey, tomato, and cheese...$10.75

Add cheese or bacon...$1.50  Add fried onions...$.75

Breakfast in the palm of your hand

The breakfast club

Triple decker, fried eggs with bacon, cheese and tomato...$14.00

Wicked "wich" of the west

A classic, western with ham, onion, diced peppers...$9.50

The griddler

2 eggs, sausage, bacon, and cheese between two pancakes...$13.00

knights of the round bagel

Fried egg, cheese, bacon OR sausage, on a toasted bagel...$8.50

be egg-cellent to each other wrap

Scrambled eggs, peppers, bacon and cheese

Fight clubs & wicked "wiches"

directors club

Triple decker, real turkey breast, cheese OR bacon, lettuce and tomato...$14.00

here's looking at you club

Triple decker, sliced beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mustard...$14.00

Robert Paulson Club

Triple decker, meatloaf, cheese, onion rings, bacon and BBQ sauce...$14.00

Bill the butcher club

Triple decker, corned beef, pickles, cheese, tomato and mustard...$14.00

blockbuster BLt

Bacon or  turkey bacon, lettuce, and tomato...$9.50

blame Canada

Peameal bacon with cheese, lettuce and tomato...$13.00

creature feature (melts)

The Original creature feature:

Bacon, tomato, cheese...$10.00

attack of the 50ft 3 cheese:

Cheddar, mozza, and swiss...$10.00

The mozza walks among us:

Grilled cheese stuffed with buffalo mozza sticks...$11.75

The razorback:

Pulled pork & coleslaw with cheese on fresh Italian bread...$13.00

Rueben, the revenger:

Corned beef, Swiss cheese & sauerkraut, with 1000 island dressing...$12.00

the legend of buffalo creek:

Buffalo chicken fingers, mozza...$13.00

i was a teenage ribeye:

Sliced ribeye, mushrooms, Swiss...$13.00

killer chicken from outer space:

Crispy chicken, bacon, mozza, & ranch...$13.00

lord of the fries

one fry to rule them all:

Fresh cut fries with peppercorn ranch dressing, bacon, tomato, cheese and sour cream...$12.00

chili palmer fries:

Fresh cut fries with homemade chili and shredded cheese...$12.00

winnie the pooh-tine:

Fresh cut fries with cheese and gravy...$10.75

there will be pig:

Fresh cut fries with pulled pork and cheese...$13.00

and the salad goes to...

lettuce entertain you...sm $6.00 LG $9.50

carpe diem.. caesar the day...sm $7.50 LG $11.00

Garner rave reviews by adding a grilles chicken breast or chicken fingers to any salad...$5.00

that's a wrap

this is sparta:

Grilled chicken breast with caesar salad...$14.00

buffalo bill's chicken wrap:

Breaded chicken strips, tossed in your choice of mild, medium, or hot sauce with lettuce and cheese...$14.00

the cotton club wrap:

Real turkey with lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon...$14.00

the girl with the chicken tattoo:

Chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, ranch, and bacon...$14.00

it's entree, my dear watson

edward chicken hands:

Five chicken fingers served with mountain of fries...$16.00

it came from the depths:

A couple of nice pieces of our latest catch from th black lagoon served with fresh cut fries and coleslaw... 1 pc $11.50... 2 pc $15.00

i'm sorry i called you meatloaf, jack:

Fresh cut fries with meatlloaf, corn, peas, mashed potatoes, and gravy...$14.00

roast and the darkness:

Fresh cut fries with sliced beef, corn , peas, mashed potatoes, and gravy...$14.00

the poultrygeist:

Fresh cut fries, with real turkey, corn, peas, mashed potatoes, and gravy...$14.00

you call that a burger...this is a burger!!

the movie star:

Lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion  7oz... $10.00  14oz... $14.00

barnyard burger:

Fried egg, bacon, cheese  7oz... $13.00  14oz... $17.00

one burger to rule them all:

Bacon, cheese, tomato, peppercorn ranch, sour cream  7oz... $13.00  14oz... $17.00

the french connection:

Sausage, egg, cheese, between two pieces of french toast  7oz... $14.00  14oz... $18.00

are ya aching..? ..for some bacon?:

Bacon, mozza, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato  7oz... $13.00  14oz... $17.00

half baked burger:

Mashed potato, cheese, bacon, sour cream  7oz... $13.00  14oz... $17.00

Mushroom swiss and the sundance kid:

Swiss cheese, mushrooms, BBQ sauce  7oz... $13.00  14oz... $17.00

And last but not least..

Shaken, not stirred, old fashion shakes:

Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, and the world famous blue moon... $5.25